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Support for families

Some of you might be aware that children being treated for childhood cancer are classed as an 'at risk' group and have been told to isolate for twelve weeks.  However, it isn't just the child that has been forced into isolation but the whole family.   


Unlike other 'at risk' groups, families are not eligible for priority home delivery slots from the big retailers.  Hopefully this will be addressed by the government in due course. We would like to bridge the gap while they action any solutions. 

We have decided to divert some of our funds to help provide food parcels for families that are unable to leave their homes.  We are looking for support in the following ways:

  1.  If you are a family that would benefit from this service, please get in contact. If you know of a family that might benefit from this service, please get in contact.  Please use the form opposite. 

  2. If you know of any local suppliers that could put boxes together and deliver them, please send us their details using the form opposite.  We would like to use as many local butchers, greengrocers or farm shops as possible. 

  3. Help us fund a box by donating through the following links:



COVID -19 Support

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