We are a charity founded by a family that have experienced childhood cancer and all the upheaval it causes.  We understand how difficult it is for every member of a family when a child is diagnosed with cancer.  We know the trauma childhood cancer causes and want to support the child, their siblings, parents and even grandparents. 

In March 2018 Eleri Hooper, daughter of founding trustee Bethan Hooper, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.  Sadly Eleri's treatment didn't work and in September 2019 she passed away surrounded by family and friends.

As Eleri moved through treatment, the family could see that it was having a traumatic effect. It wasn’t just Eleri who struggled, the whole family found the process difficult and at times really needed support. Although there is some psychological support for patients at the hospital where Eleri was treated, as with all NHS services it was stretched to its limits.  It was difficult to get consistent support for Eleri and almost impossible for any family members to access.   Bethan realised that if they needed support but couldn’t access it easily, then other families were probably having the same difficulties. The idea was to raise money to provide help for these families when they needed it the most.   With the help of Laura Barber and Julianne Baker, Shine Bright Support was born. 

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