We are a small charity with big ideas.  We are currently concentrating on families that are treated at Oxford Children’s Hospital and the ‘split’ site hospitals that offer treatment when the child is at home. In the future we would like to support families and children in treatment all over the country.  We also hope to develop training and education packages for professionals that have contact with families, who have received treatment, to help them understand how best to help them.  


Our aim is to help families in as many ways as we can. 


  1. Raise funds to place a mental health professional, one day a week, at the Great Western Hospital (GWH) in Swindon.  

  2. Raise awareness of childhood cancer and the impact it can have on the mental health of the whole family.  

  3. Care packages for newly diagnosed families. 

  4. Create a network of support including online groups, parent groups and contact with a patient/parent/sibling/grandparent that has experienced childhood cancer and offer practical advice where needed. 

  5. On referral from a medical professional, fund counselling and other therapeutic interventions for patients and family members suffering the effects of trauma as a result of childhood cancer. 

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